Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bonjour, FW'2013!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Junction ELLE

Here's an old new project I've just started working on. I did this during the beginning of this year, but abandoned it. Until I realized over #TFW that I loved it. So... the fashion x videogames blog is back. It'll work as a sort of streamling portfolio of sorts.

Friday, 5 October 2012

fall playlist: mostly hip-hop edition

I'm totes excited about my new set of music... I've recently taken a big dip into hip-hop, so Cruel Summer is probably one of my most played albums right now. Every single song is gold. But, alas, No Doubt is beginning to take over that hip-hop. I love earwormy stuff, and Push and Shove is chockful of melody.
01. Push And Shove by No Doubt - the earlier half of the record is more my jam, but it's solid, all hiatus things considered.
02. Cruel Summer by GOOD Music - every song is a jam; hype and chill... it's all there, babe.
03. Sailing Souls by Jhene Aiko - Aiko sounds like a more talented Cassie, with the spacey poon-type hip-hop of Drake.
04. Red by Dia Frampton - this is record is much more accessible than I pegged it to be. I'd like to write a song like "Daniel" one day.
05. Babel by Mumford & Sons - it's pretty much a louder, more polished version of Sigh No More. With different songs. Still sick, though.
06. Battle Born by The Killers - I am in love with "Here With Me," though admittedly, I have yet to listen to anything but.
(all photos via Google)